S2B How It Works

S2B is a Self-Sustaining Social Enterprise That Makes a Measurable Impact

How It works

1 – S2B locations take video clips showing their regular daily lives. 

2 – S2B collects the clips into short videos. 

3 – Viewers watch the videos with free online. 

4 – advertising income associated with video views and any additional donations are sent directly to S2B locations. 

5 – Aid is used for their most urgent needs including food and education.

How We Measure Success



The positive impact S2B has on partner locations is determined by measuring the total amount of money sent which is used for food, medical care and education.


The positive impact S2B videos have on viewers is determined by measuring the total number of video views.  


The activity of the organization is its own source of funds that are donated to partner locations.  

How You Can Get Involved

Watch Videos: The videos create awareness for the S2B locations.  In addition, by watching the videos and making an additional donation, you will be providing financial support. Watch Videos

Host a Fundraiser:  The stories of the S2B locations when told through current videos are sure to connect with your group or organization.  We'd love to talk about partnering with you on an engaging service project or fundraising event.   Contact Us

Suggest a Partner Location: If you know of or are involved with a mission in a developing country with an established non-profit office in the U.S. and solid governance, we'd love to hear from you.  Contact Us

Have an Idea or Want to Get Involved:  Any suggestion or idea is welcome.  We are always happy to connect with innovative people looking to make a difference.  Contact Us