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Savior of the World Children's Center is a home for children that have no one to care for them due to war and disease in Sierra Leone, Africa.  They do not receive support from government or religious organization and struggle to take care of the basics needs of the children.

My children and I live in poverty, with suffering from the lack of basic things. They have known what it is like to see their parents killed in front of them; they have been abandoned; they know hunger and illness. But I say, ‘Thank you. Lord.’ I say thank you because my children with the help of the Lord Jesus will grow up to be compassionate people. Because they know what it is to suffer, they will, in turn, be able to help others in their suffering. When one does not know suffering, it is much harder to love the suffering brother or sister in front of you both with understanding and with practical help.
— Louisa, Founder of Savior of the World Children's Center

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